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Dimitris Anastasiou - The Surgery
pencil on paper


Dimitris Anastasiou - The Surgery

pencil on paper

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Why Do We Say “Big Red Barn,” but “Red Big Barn” Sounds Wrong?


An interesting article on adjective ordering

Also related is this Tom Scott video on adjective ordering. The generalization that adjectives seem to be ordered the same way across a wide variety of languages is the type of data used as evidence for a cartographic approach to linguistics: detailed typological surveys of how aspects of language do or do not vary in very specific ways. 

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golbees said: b-b-breaking bad?


breaking bad writers room

"okay. no matter what we do, people seem to see walt as a good guy. what can we do to fix this"

"how about… walt threatens to eat a baby"


"and he does it…"

"at a chuck e. cheese"

"during a child’s birthday"

months later, on a breaking bad fan forum

centaurfan5501 said: “can’t believe skyler wouldn’t let walt eat that baby during a birthday at the chuck e. cheese”

mustardhomecrafter said: “yeah what the fuck is her problem”

Day 1: grad school confirmed for being more fun than college

klodin erb

a succinct outline of my love-life

i’m writing my own reference grammars for japanese, russian, latin, and hawaiian because they are heinously expensive to purchase and also because i love death, i say bring it on, i’m like a demon long dead with nothing left to lose

ordered my own scanner so i don’t have to use the university’s

high-fiving a million angels